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Words, Words, Words in Decodable Books: Recap of the Series

Examples of techniques that can be used when thinking about teaching words in decodable books

Over the past few weeks, we've shared three posts to help you think about instruction around certain kinds of words in decodable books. Here's the recap...

Week 1 focused on decodable vocabulary words that may be unfamiliar to kids. The trick here is to save the decoding for the kids. Let them decode, then share the meaning.

Week 2 focused on infusing higher level vocabulary while reading decodable books. This is a fun and creative one. Think, what higher level character trait, feeling, or action word (or any category of word) can I teach students as we read and talk about this book?

Week 3 focused on irregular high frequency words and teaching them by helping students think about the sound spelling relationships, drawing attention to the parts that are spelled regularly and those that are spelled irregularly.

We hope you enjoyed this little dive into Words, Words, Words!


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