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Welcome Back! Still Learning with Daffodil Hill Press

Updated: Jun 10

We're excited to welcome our popular newsletter, Still Learning, to its new home.

What to Expect From Still Learning

If you know us already, nice to see you here! If not, welcome! Know that Still Learning is a place where we demonstrate our continuous learning, growing, and thinking. Where we talk about shedding unhelpful practices, deepening our understandings, and strengthening our knowledge. We plan to write about a range of topics---from what really matters in the teaching of phonics, to teaching methods we've moved away from, to favorite new book titles.

We Want to Hear From You

We'd love to hear from you. What content most interests you? What are you pondering?

Looking forward to Still Learning together,

The Daffodil Hill Press Team: Katrina, Kim, Lizzie, and Marie


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