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Decodable Book Assessments 


Click on book covers for printable book assessments and buttons for recording sheets.

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Silent E

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Long Vowel Patterns

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Advanced Vowel Patterns

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Word Decodin Assessent

Word Decoding Assessment

We suggest that before reading one of the assessments books you do a word decoding assessment.


Once you have determined the student’s highest level of isolated decoding, you can ask them to read the corresponding assessment text. For example, read Fox and the Wet Rug with students who can already decode CVC words in isolation. This assessment is only useful if the child has the underlying phonics knowledge. 


We assume that you are using a variety of phonics curricula which may have small differences in scope and sequence. The high frequency words used match the Daffodil Hill Press scope and sequence and are underlined on the recording sheet. You’ll want to note words the child needs to learn, while also considering which words you have already taught. 


In order to support a wider range of usage across phonics curricula:

  • The text to assess reading short vowel words with digraphs does not contain words with consonant blends.

  • The text to assess reading short vowel words with consonant blends does not contain words with digraphs.

  • The text to assess reading words with CVCe also includes short vowel words with blends and digraphs.

  • The text to assess reading words with R-controlled vowels also includes CVCe, short vowels, blends and digraphs. 

  • The text to assess reading words with Long Vowel patterns also includes CVCe, short vowels, blends and digraphs. It does not include words with R-controlled vowels. 

  • The text to assess Advanced Vowel patterns includes all previous single syllable concepts. 

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Collection Resources

Beginning March 1, Classroom sets for Collections 1, 2, and 3 will feature an exciting new resource—The Daffodil Hill Press Teacher Kit. In addition to containing 10 copies of 30 titles, each classroom set will include two resources to maximize the instructional power of your Daffodil Hill Press decodables: The Teacher Guide and the Student Practice Pack. This is in addition to the 10 copies of the 30 titles. Complimentary access to our projectable e-books with the purchase of both the Classroom set and the One of Each sets will extend through the 2024-2025 school year.

The Teacher Guide

This 45-page book provides content knowledge for teachers in order to help you feel confident in using your DHP texts, including information about the scope and sequence of the collection, recommended lesson plan structures, and tips for planning assessment-based instruction.


To support instructional planning, the Teacher Guide includes 30 lesson plans—one for every book in the collection—which can be used in whole group, small group, or one-on-one settings. We recognize that there are many ways to use decodable texts with children, so the lesson plans are designed to give you a basic template for instruction with options for each part.  They provide opportunities to engage students in isolated phonics practice, as well as use their phonics knowledge in context while supporting comprehension and vocabulary.


Student Practice Pack

In order to facilitate phonics practice, the Teacher Kit also includes 10 Student Practice Packs. These spiral-bound books feature a set of blending lines for each decodable text in the collection, to provide students with practice in applying target and review phonics concepts. The practice packs also highlight new irregular high frequency words in each book, to make teaching even easier.

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Projectable E-books
Student Practice Pack
Teacher Guide
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