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Collection 3 is now available for order! The One of Each Set contains one copy of each of the 30 titles in the collection (30 books).


Collection 3 completes the progression of single syllable phonics principles. It contains books with long vowel patterns, r-controlled vowels, and advanced vowel patterns. There are 10 books with early long vowel patterns, such as ai, ay, oa, ow, oe, igh, ie, ea, ee, ew, ui, ue, oo. These books do not contain words with r-controlled vowels. Another 10 books focus on r-controlled vowels, such as ar, or, er, ir and ur. These books do not contain the previously stated long vowel patterns, though they do contain words with silent e. The last 10 books focus on advanced vowel patterns such as oi, oy, ow, ou, aw, augh, al, oo and ea (like in bread). These books contain both long vowel patterns and words with r-controlled vowels.

Collection 3 Single Copies: One of Each CIC3

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