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Professional Development Offerings

Still Learning With Daffodil Hill Press

Meet the team behind Daffodil Hill Press: Marie, Kimberly, Katrina and Lizzie. In addition to publishing instructional materials, our professional development arm Still Learning provides support for teachers, schools and districts. We believe that professional learning experiences should be customized to fit each school or district’s needs. We're happy to work with your team to customize the topics and structures that make sense for your needs. Teachers leave PD with us feeling bolstered with the tools and confidence they need to support their kids. 

Our Offerings
Our Offerings

Our Offerings

School Based Professional Development
School based professional development often focuses on further developing teacher practice in relation to student learning. This PD includes working with groups of teachers for study groups and, often, in-the classroom demonstrations and practice. On-site PD often unfolds in a series of days across time and can focus around grade level groups or cross-grade level groups. 
One Day Workshops
These workshops are usually for larger audiences and focus on needs identified in consultation with the school or district.
Curriculum Writing
Multi-Day Collaborations and Workshops
These three- to five-day learning experiences provide the opportunity for groups of educators to deepen their knowledge and practice. Collaborations may focus on a broad topic (i.e. writing instruction) or a smaller topic (i.e. using data to drive group instruction), and can be crafted to meet the needs of your school or district. Depending on the size of the workshop, there may be multiple sections and presenters.
Leadership and Coaching Support
Leadership and coaching support days can provide a needs assessment and goal setting for your building or delve into action planning based on school goals. Often, these days involve inventorying assessment calendars and analyzing data in order to plan for the year ahead.
Schools and districts often request a need to further develop  customized school-based curriculum and units. Curriculum development work can also be done in collaboration with a team of literacy leaders or coaches.
Still Leaning Substack

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Before starting Daffodil Hill Press, we explored ideas about decodable texts, assessments and more in our Substack, Still Learning. Check out this online newsletter to get great information, sources and visuals to support your teaching! Below are links to some of our most popular posts.

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